With its consistent trade winds Kenya also lets windsurfer hearts beat faster. Windsurfing has a long history in Kenya with Diani being a Mecca for windsurfers in the 80’s and 90’s.

H2o Extreme is one of only a few centers along the Kenyan coast, which offers windsurfing lessons and rentals at a professional level with an up-to-date equipment pool. Our center is stocked with boards and rigs from Starboard and Severne. Fun boards are available with a volume from 95l up to 160l and freeride/crossover rigs are available between 4.7m and 7m. In addition to that we have a bunch of bigger beginner boards and smaller beginner sails on hand.

Lessons & Courses

Can you think of a better destination to learn how to windsurf than the white sanded Galu Beach with its warm and turquoise coloured water?

H2o offers lessons for beginner and intermediate levels according to the established standards. During a beginners course you can be sure to learn all necessary basics and be able to rent gear and practise independently afterwards. Topics within the course are: wind and weather theory, equipment familiarisation, getting up and going, change of direction, steering and staying up-wind. If you are not sure about a full course yet, you can also start with a 2-hour taster class to see if you enjoy the sport. Single refresher or intermediate lessons are equally available.

Equipment Rentals

For those of you, who already know how to windsurf, we also offer equipment rentals.

For a basic rig you should at least be able to ride confidently to both directions, stay up-wind, change direction and know your way around other water users. In case you would like to rent a fun board and freeride sail we require confident planing to both directions using foot straps and harness, tacking/gybing, controlling of speed, up-wind riding and knowledge of the right of way rules.

If your last windsurfing experience is already a while back, it is advisable to start off with a refresher lesson beforehand.

For any damage or loss of equipment, our compensation price list applies.

Here is our full price list.