Wind & Weather

The weather along Kenya’s coast excels with all-year-around tropical and warm temperatures. The average air temperature is around 30 degrees, water temperature about 26 degrees. This allows a wetsuit-free water sports vacation, however, we recommend to pack long lycras and strong sun cream to protect yourselves against the relentless equatorial sun.

In Kenya we experience two wind seasons per year: KASKAZI, N/NE trade wind, blowing from mid December until mid of March and KUZI, S/SE trade wind, blowing from June until mid September.

The Kaskazi wind is a very reliable and steady wind with an average wind speed of 15-20 knots. Wind usually starts blowing about 10.30am and lasts all day until 6/7pm. As the general air temperature is very hot, the density of the air is not as high as in cooler spots around Europe, USA or South Africa.

The Kuzi season is the cooler season and therefore we like to call it our “winter”. The wind generally blows stronger with an average of 18-22 knots, but is slightly less consistent. Due to tropical rain storms passing through the wind and weather are more difficult to predict. The Kuzi usually brings decent sized swell with it: From June until October we are blessed with waves between 1.5m and 3m on big days. Perfect conditions to kite surf on windy days or to surf on no-wind days.

Wind Statistics for Diani Beach

Amount of days with more than 12 knots

Of course we also get windy days outside our wind seasons. Especially during the months of April and October it is very possible to score some windy days. These are very hard to predict though and you have got to be a bit lucky!

November is the months of the year with the lowest wind guarantee! The wind blows completely on-shore with a light breeze of 4-8 knots only. The ocean is generally very calm and inviting for SUP, kayaking and diving.