Kayaking, body- and Skim Boarding

We have a variety of family-friendly activities available, which are ideal for lazy light wind days. These activities include kayaking, body boarding and skim boarding.


There is a total number of four Fluid Kayaks at our center, two of them are double-seaters and two are single-seaters. They are great for taking a trip to Robinson Island, which is a sand bar out on the reef in front of Baobab Hotel and exposed at low tides only. You can bring a picnic and chill in the sun on the island or take mask, snorkel and fins with you and explore the underwater world of the Indian Ocean with its colourful fish and tropical corals. It is recommended to wear hat and shirt for extra sun protection!

Body boarding

Our center is stocked with 10 body boards in different sizes. Body boards are great fun to mess around with in the shore break at high tide. Laying on your belly and on the board, you will be pushed by the wave towards the beach. It is a pre-stage of surfing and can help to understand the waves and technique of the sport. Enjoy the ride! Please note: Children need to be supervised by a parent or guardian!

Skim boarding

The wooden skim board is similiar to a surf board, but smaller and without fins. Unlike surfing, skim boarding begins on the beach by dropping the board onto the thin wash of previous waves. It is quite technical, but a lot of fun once you master to slide your first few meters. Best timing is an incoming or outgoing tide!

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